10 Reasons Florida is the Greatest State in the U.S.

  1. Florida has 1,350 miles of coastline
    That’s second only to Alaska! To put that number into perspective, the boundary of space is 62 miles off the Earth’s surface— that’s right, Florida’s fabulous beaches stretch 22 times the distance between humans and the final frontier. Speaking of space…

  2. Cape Canaveral
    Cape Canaveral is the place where NASA used to launch space shuttles into the sky. It’s also home to the Kennedy Space Center, where visitors can ride the Shuttle Launch Experience and check out retired rockets and other spacecraft.

  3. There is no state income tax
    Florida residents save a ton of money every year thanks to a lack of state income tax in Florida, and we’re pretty sure fewer taxes is a good thing.

  4. Theme Parks
    Florida is home to many exciting theme parks, including the king-of-all-theme parks: Walt Disney World. Every year, tourists flock from every corner of the globe to visit the elite attractions in Florida residents’ backyards.

  5. Florida Wildlife
    The Sunshine State is home to wildly diverse population of animals, ranging from adorable Florida Key Deer to nightmarishly large Banana spiders (don’t worry; they’re completely harmless). Florida’s complex ecosystem brings out the nature lover in everyone.

  6. Phenomenal Weather
    Forget about ever having to shovel snow out of your driveway or scrape ice off your car again: The temperature in Florida very rarely falls below freezing. In fact, most cities in the state can expect an average temperature in the 80’s year round. Beach day in February? Of course!

  7. Florida has a huge impact on politics
    Florida is a major swing state, which means the way we vote is a major factor in the outcome of national elections. Many voters across the country are dissatisfied with their perceived contribution in elections, but every vote counts in the Sunshine State

  8. A Growing Job Market
    Job numbers in Florida have been steadily climbing since the recession, and things are only looking better. In May 2015, 16,200 private-sector jobs were created across Florida!

  9. Higher Education
    Some of the nation’s greatest private and public university can be found in Florida, including the University of Florida, Florida State University, New College of Florida, and the University of Miami.

  10. There is something for everyone.
    Florida’s job market is extremely diverse. Whether you specialize in the aviation and aerospace, manufacturing or information technology, Florida’s industry and economy relies on a variety of different industries. With a focus on private-sector job growth, Florida’s leaders are ensuring that we are growing jobs and opportunities.

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