5 Must-Watch Videos on Hillary Clinton

You’ve got to see these videos.

Hillary Lied About Her Personal E-Mail Server
After increasing pressure to release all of her work-related e-mails, Clinton stressed that they had all been disclosed. They hadn’t.


She Can’t Be Trusted 
Time after time, Hillary Clinton flip-flops on issues just to garner votes.


Hillary Is Not Transparent, And Does Not Follow The Rules

Hillary talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. A private email server is the least transparent thing a public figure can have.


She Helped Rush Obamacare Through The Door
President Obama wasn’t the only politician who helped pass a broken, costly law.


Hillary Has Some Shady Friends
Many of the Clintons’ closest (richest) allies have been suspected or convicted of shady, illegal activity.


Bonus: Saturday Night Live
SNL embodies the Hillary culture for a must-watch, hilarious skit on her announcement


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