TALLAHASSEE, FL- Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis today announced his K-12 education plan to boost classroom spending for students and teachers, expand choice, vocational and technical education, and hold the line on college tuition. DeSantis’ plan would continue two decades of successful Republican leadership on education leading to Florida being ranked 5th in the nation on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and a graduation rate of 82.3%.

Andrew Gillum’s plan for Florida would reverse the significant progress made in education under conservative leadership and betrays hardworking Florida families and students.

“Andrew Gillum wants to take away school choice opportunities from over 140,000 students while raising taxes on the backs of Floridians,” said Meredith Beatrice, Director of Communications for the Republican Party of Florida. “No matter how he tries to spin it, raising $1 billion in taxes would be a disaster for hardworking Florida families. Gillum wants to hand over control to the teachers’ unions and put specials interests and bureaucrats ahead of students. Florida families deserve choice and innovation, not a cookie-cutter approach to education that takes away their power and eats away at their paychecks.”

Here are the facts on Andrew Gillum’s education plan:

  • Andrew Gillum would take tuition scholarships and other programs that provide away from over 40,000 disabled or uniquely-abled students.
  • Andrew Gillum would take tuition scholarships away from nearly 100,000 minority students, including nearly 40,000 Black & African-American Florida students, over 50,000 Hispanic/Latino Florida students, and nearly 8,000 students of other ethnicities, in addition to taking them away from over 43,000 white students.
  • Andrew Gillum would not allow students that have been bullied in their public school to get a tuition scholarship to attend a private school, even if that’s what the student and their parents prefer.
  • Even though parents & students have chosen to attend them, Andrew Gillum would take the option to go to a public charter school away from: (1) nearly 58,000 Black and African-American students, (2) over 117,000 Hispanic/Latino students, (3) over 90,000 white students, (4) over 16,000 students of other ethnicities, (5) over 26,000 disabled students (6) over 28,000 English-Language Learners, and nearly 145,000 students from low-income families that qualify for free and reduced lunch programs.



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