**GILLUM FACTS** Andrew Gillum is an Incompetent, Self-Serving Career Politician

TAMPA, FL- At tonight’s Florida Gubernatorial Debate hosted by CNN, Andrew Gillum is trying to cover up his record of failure. The fact is, Andrew Gillum is an incompetent, corrupt and self-serving career politician. He has failed Tallahassee and would fail our state.

FACT: Andrew Gillum’s Records are tied to an active criminal investigation.

FACT: Under Mayor Andrew Gillum, Tallahassee has had the highest crime rate in Florida over the last four years and has been named one of the most dangerous cities in America.

FACT: After Hurricane Hermine, Andrew Gillum politicized disaster recovery efforts at the expense of the people of Tallahassee.

FACT: Andrew Gillum’s city government was accused of prioritizing friends and allies for power restoration after the hurricane.

FACT: Despite his failures, Andrew Gillum increased his taxpayer funded salary and greatly increase his retirement benefits.

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