**GILLUM FACTS** Andrew Gillum is Tied to Ongoing Public Corruption Investigation

TAMPA, FL- At tonight’s Florida Gubernatorial Debate hosted by CNN, Andrew Gillum tried to deny that he is tied to an ongoing public corruption investigation, but there are still many unanswered questions about why the FBI is investigating his city. The voters of Florida deserve answers.

FACT: Andrew Gillum’s Mayoral administration is the target of an active FBI investigation into criminal public corruption.

FACT: Andrew Gillum took private trips with lobbyists to luxury destinations like New York & Costa Rica and has refused to produce receipts proving who paid even though accepting gifts from lobbyists is illegal.

FACT: Andrew Gillum approved millions in taxpayer-funded grants to friends that triggered an FBI Investigation into Corruption in the Tallahassee City Government.

FACT: Andrew Gillum’s Records are tied to an active criminal investigation.

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