AG Bondi: Andrew Gillum Must Denounce Rapper T.I.’s Video

TALLAHASSEE, FL – The rapper T.I. recently unveiled an offensive music video which depicted a demeaning and disgusting portrayal of a woman in the Oval Office. The First Lady’s office quickly denounced the video, saying it is “disrespectful and disgusting to portray her this way simply because of politics. These kinds of vulgar attacks only further the divisiveness and bias in our country -- it needs to stop."

T.I., whose real name Clifford Harris, is also a vocal Andrew Gillum supporter and congratulated Gillum on his primary win in August. The Republican Party of Florida and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi are now calling on Andrew Gillum to denounce T.I.’s offensive video.

Attorney General Pam Bondi, said, “The newly released video from rapper T.I. is offensive, objectifying and degrading to women everywhere and is a disgusting display of social media bullying. In Florida, where we continue to fight horrific crimes against women, including human trafficking, sexist displays like this one only serve to endorse the objectification of women and can embolden and encourage offenders.  T.I. is on the record as being an early and enthusiastic supporter of Andrew Gillum’s campaign for Governor, and I hope that the Gillum campaign will not stand silently by and allow the women in our state to believe this video is acceptable. The Gillum campaign should not only denounce T.I.’s highly offensive and degrading video but also T.I.’s support for his campaign."


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