Antony Cato

I am Antony Cato and this is my story,


“When you grow up you will understand,” said my mom, “No I won’t” I responded. 16 years later, I understand. My dad first met my mother in South Korea, where he was stationed with the United States Army. In 1994, I was born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and six years later my father was sent to prison. This led to a number of life transitions for which my mother had to take on alone. My mother and I moved to Gainesville, Florida in 2000. Alone and afraid is how I would describe the situation my mom was in, however, instead of being reactive she was proactive. She began to take English classes, found a job and supported my sister and I with any disposable income she had left. Despite the current situation we were in, she climbed the ladder of opportunity that America had provided. The values and beliefs I have today come from a direct influence of my mother's courageous perseverance to keep me well-protected.


I am a conservative because it’s the only ideology that allows individuals to determine their own self-worth. I fear that the ladder of opportunity is diminishing and that the ladder of dependency is on the rise. A dependent society means a powerful government. I want to conserve our values, our dignity, and our independence. Working for the Republican Party has allowed me to spread our message far beyond a tweet or a Facebook post. I speak to voters everyday face-to-face about our values and the issues we face as a nation.


There’s only one presidential candidate that will work to the keep the American dream alive. I support Donald Trump because he believes that we must have a society where individuals are innovative, proactive and independent from the government.