Brett Burton

I’m Brett Burton and I love this country.


What you are about to read is personal, but I hope it inspires you.


On May 11, 2011, my life changed forever. It was my second tour of duty in the Helmland Province. I almost died in an IED. I suffered a severe head wound and was later diagnosed with a traumatic brain inury. I would end up doing one more tour, to the same area of Afghanistan. My mom got the Red Cross phone call no mother wants to answer. She told me when I got back that I was changing, and that I wasn’t the son she raised. I changed my decisions in life that day.


I got out of the Marines in 2014 with an honorable discharge, and applied to the University of North Florida, with the help of my mom and sister. They saw my struggles trying to adapt outside of the Marines, and told me to find a brotherhood, one that I had desperately needed. I joined a fraternity, and found it in Kappa Alpha. My president at the time told me to join two clubs. I joined the Student Government and the College Republicans. As I journeyed through college, I began to get more passionate about politics with every passing day. Political science wasn’t just my major, it became my life. From the fight still going overseas, to the one currently being waged at home with our economy, I was concerned with the future of the country and knew I needed to be a part of finding the solutions. Within two years, I would rise to the Vice President rank of both College Republicans and KA.


Come the summer of 2016, I found a candidate that inspired me to get involved, and I did exactly that. I was hired by Stewart Bragg, who was formerly a KA himself, and he was the role model I saw myself embodying. He told me the impact of reaching voters could change the election. Working for the Republican Party has allowed me to reach students, veterans, friends and family all across Florida, and to remind them their voice matters. Working for the Party reminds me every day of the sacrifice that was made to ensure this country stays free and that the individual citizen matters. From all the people I have met within the Republican Party, or through the duties of my job, I see the burning passion within us all. We want America to be a successful nation, and we need to do it together. Marines have never failed a mission or surrendered a battle, and I will never surrender this country, and neither will the Republican Party of Florida.