Clinton Loses 6 Out of Last 7 Primaries

Anti-Hillary Movement Continues To Grow

Tallahassee, FL— Today, Chairman Blaise Ingoglia released the following statement on the results of the Democratic Wisconsin primary:

“Bernie Sanders’ winning streak against scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton is an indication that the more the American people get to know Hillary the more they reject her unsuccessful record and failed policies. As Clinton now faces a possible devastating defeat in her home state of New York, her only hope is to continue lobbying superdelegates – a process which bypasses the will of Democrat voters.”

Just last week, Bernie Sanders embarrassed the former First Lady in the Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington caucuses with landslide victories, adding to his rising momentum and putting even more obstacles in front of Hillary’s path to the White House. Sanders’ victories were fresh off the heels of wins in Idaho and Utah on March 22 – leaving Hillary with a 0-6 record in recent primaries.



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