Cloudy Forecast for Hillary Sunshine State Visit

Hillary to Face Bad News During FL Visit

Clinton suffers with overall 54 % unfavorable opinion in Florida:
Hillary Clinton is returning to Florida this week, but she won’t be getting a warm welcome— a recent poll published by FAU asserts that Clinton’s disapproval rating in Florida has skyrocketed with 54% of Floridians viewing the ‘often confused’ former secretary of state unfavorably. Floridians are not the only voters who view her unfavorably: only 27% of voters across the country think Hillary Clinton is honest and straightforward.

Clinton trails GOP candidates in head-to-head Florida poll:
Hillary’s Florida nightmare doesn’t stop with negative approval numbers, in a head-to-head matchup with major GOP candidates, she is trailing her rivals every time. This is tough news for Clinton, considering that every president since 1996 needed Florida to win the general election.

“Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, she will not be welcomed with open arms during her Florida visit. Rather, a recent poll confirms that the people of Florida are unhappy with her failed record as secretary of state, the negative headlines haunting her campaign,  and the FBI investigation into her secret email server. Our nation is eager for a trustworthy leader that will fight for economic opportunity for every American. – RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia 

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