FL Counties are flipping to GOP

Tallahassee, FL – Today, Chairman Blaise Ingoglia released the following statement regarding seven counties turning from Democrat to Republican:

“The grassroots leaders of the Republican Party of Florida have been working overtime over the last year and a half getting this state ready to defeat Hillary and elect Republicans up and down the ticket in November. I have always maintained that a strong Republican party with a strong grassroots infrastructure is the key to winning elections. We remain committed to registering new voters to the GOP during this election cycle while training new volunteers and leaders who will join us in paving the road to the White House. Our message of opportunity is spreading far and wide, and counties are flipping from blue to red! The Republican Party of Florida would like to congratulate these county leaders for all of their hard work and dedication."


The following counties have flipped from Democrat to Republican:
Baker, Bradford, Columbia, Hardee, Holmes, Pinellas and Washington counties.

View our graphic online here.


January 2015: 6116(R); 6600(D); 1218(NPA)

Now: 6786(R); 5902(D); 1391(NPA)


January 2015: 6464(R); 7116(D); 1887 (NPA)

Now:  6871(R); 6608(D); 2238 (Others)



January 2015: 14,120(R), 15,390(D); 5,246(NPA)

Now: 15,676(R), 14,876(D); 6401(NPA) 



January 2015: 4386(R); 4899(D); 1466(NPA)

Now:            4783(R); 4719(D); 1835(NPA) 



January 2015: 4179(R); 5592(D); 1176(NPA)

Now:            5017(R); 4714(D); 1200(NPA)



January 2015: 221,035(R); 225,487(D); 156,081(NPA)

Now:            227,114(R); 226,589(D); 177,738(NPA) 



January 2015: 6240(R); 6495(D); 1561(NPA)

Now:           7091(R); 5842(D); 1912(NPA)


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