Cure Ballot

Florida law requires that the signature on your vote-by-mail ballot must match the signature on file with your local Supervisor of Elections Office. If it does not match, your ballot is rejected.

However, a federal judge has ruled that you may now have the opportunity to get your signature mismatch fixed, or “cured,” on your vote-by-mail ballot. While this decision is not final, you should act as soon as possible.

 You have until this Saturday, November 17th to fix your ballot and make sure your vote is counted.


  • Visit your local Supervisor of Elections office as soon as possible and ask to sign a "cure affidavit" to correct your signature. When you go to your Supervisor of Elections office, please make sure to ask them to set aside your affidavit to correct your signature.
  • Email the Republican Party of Florida at We will help you track down the status of your ballot and fill out the necessary paperwork.

Do not wait! You must act by 5PM on Saturday to ensure your vote counts. To find the address and contact information for the Supervisor of Elections in your county, please visit the following website:


Click Here to Print/View Cure Affidavit in English


Click Here to Print/View Cure Affidavit in Spanish