Your Guide for Tonight's Democratic Debate

Both Democratic Presidential contenders take the debate stage tonight in New Hampshire, just days away from Tuesday’s primary election. These are the four key updates you need to know:


Hillary Attempts to Explain $600k She Accepted From Goldman Sachs

Hillary has made front page headlines after last night’s New Hampshire Democratic town hall in attempting to defend her Wall Street ties. After being asked about receiving $675,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, she responded casually by saying “that’s what they offered”.  Clinton quickly attempted to spate herself from big money ties, but her improvised response made too strong an impact to avoid the press. Clinton, who attempts to project herself as the champion of the middle class, now intends to defend a $25 million bracket of income in speaking fees alone. Earlier reports resurfaced today exposing an outrage when Hillary attempted to speak on the issue of rising tuition while making $2,500 for every minute she spoke. See headlines here


The Youth Vote

With Bernie Sanders winning large numbers of the youth demographic, the Clinton campaign is struggling to attract the energetic voting bloc. The issue comes down to what Bernie Sanders refers to as a political revolution, which seems to be stimulating his young supporters. When asked about this revolution at last night’s Town Hall, she responded “That’s for Senator Sanders to explain.” Highlighting her inability to connect with the progressive movement of her own party.


Hillary on the Ropes

With poor poll numbers in the Granite State, Clinton is going to need a strong performance tonight if she wants any hope of winning the nation’s first primary. Expect Hillary to outline her liberal agenda in contrast to Bernie's in an attempt to win voters over from the socialist wing of her party. Trailing roughly 37% to the Vermont Senator’s 55% in the latest polls, Tuesday’s Primary may leave Hillary’s campaign in a panic.


Sanders and Clinton Just Had a Virtual tie in Iowa

Though Hillary Clinton won Iowa with a few more delegates than Sanders, the two candidates had practically tied in terms of turnout. This nail-bitingly close election indicated that Hillary Clinton will actually have to prove to voters that she deserves the nomination based off of her record and not a coronation from Democrats in Washington. At tonight's town hall, Hillary Clinton will have to try very hard to distance herself from Sanders.


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