Three things you need to know about the Democratic town hall tonight

Tonight, the two remaining Democratic candidates for president will participate in a live town hall in New Hampshire, just a few days before the influential New Hampshire primary. Here's everything you need to know about the event: 

  1. Sanders and Clinton just had a virtual tie in Iowa

    Though Hillary Clinton won Iowa with a few more delegates than Sanders, the two candidates had practically tied in terms of turnout. This nail-bitingly close election indicated that Hillary Clinton will actually have to prove to voters that she deserves the nomination based off of her record and not a coronation from Democrats in Washington. At tonight's town hall, Hillary Clinton will have to try very hard to distance herself from Sanders.

  2. Hillary had some rough moments at the last town hall

    At the last Democratic town hall, Clinton struggled to answer questions regarding her private email server and the ensuing FBI investigation. She also had weather attacks by Bernie Sanders, which will likely continue into tonight's town hall. Click here to see some of those must- see moments.

  3. Hillary is losing in New Hampshire right now

    With poor poll numbers in the Granite State, Clinton is going to need a strong performance tonight if she wants any hope of winning the nations's first primary. Expect Hillary to outline her economic agenda in contrast to Bernie's in an attempt to win voters over from the socialist.


But regardless of how well Hillary does tonight, we can't afford to let her in the White House. Click here to stop Hillary!