Washington Democrats Continue to Manipulate FL26 Elections


The Democrat leadership in Washington has once again worked behind the scenes to manipulate the primary process in Florida’s 26th congressional district by pressuring Andrew Korge not to primary their chosen candidate Annette Taddeo.

First Example of Manipulating:
The DCCC spent tens of thousands of dollars boosting illegally-recruited candidate Roly Arrojo in order to influence the outcome of the Republican primary. “A top former advisor of current U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia secretly orchestrated an Arrojo mailer during the campaign, a consultant recently told the FBI and Miami Herald… Beyond Garcia’s campaign, Arrojo received even more help from the national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which sent two more batches of mailers. Unlike the 18,000 mailers linked to Garcia’s campaign, the DCCC mailers might not have been illegal.”

Second and Most Recent Example of Manipulation:
Minority Whip Steny Hoyer pressured Andrew Korge, who was seeking to run in the Democrat primary, not to challenge Taddeo because it’s not convenient to the political goals of Washington Democrats – possibly denying Democrat voters in South Florida the opportunity to pick between candidates for a nominee and setting an automatic nomination for Taddeo in the primary. Furthermore, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Whip Steny Hoyer, and DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan have all created an exclusive fundraising alliance to Taddeo – resulting in tens of thousands of donations towards her campaign. What did Korge receive… a strong, clear message to stay away from running against Taddeo.

“It is outrageous that the Democrat Leadership in Washington has once again manipulated the primary process in South Florida’s congressional race. Their continuous urge and attempt to decide the election behind closed before Floridians get a chance to vote is unacceptable and offensive to our democratic process.” – Wadi Gaitan, Florida GOP Spokesperson

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