Do You Agree With This Statement?

Senator Marco Rubio came out powerfully against the West Point graduate, Spencer Rapone, who proudly advertised on social media that he's a communist, by posting pictures of himself in a Che Guevara t-shirt under his uniform, and in another picture, showing off the inside of his cap, with the words: “Communism will win.” In other posts, he used swear words and insults against President Donald Trump, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Sen. John McCain, even tweeting that he would “happily dance” on McCain’s grave.

Now Senator Rubio is asking the Army to do something about it.

Rubio said:

“While I strongly believe academic institutions must respect the exchange of ideas and allow students to voice their opinions, members of the military who harbor anti-American views and express their desire to harm our country and its leaders are unfit to serve and defend our nation—and certainly should not enjoy the privilege of attending or graduating from an institution such as West Point, a taxpayer-funded military academy."


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