Ingoglia: Embarrassing Result for Hillary in Iowa

Tallahassee, FL – Chairman Blaise Ingoglia released the following statement on the reports that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton finished in a near tie in the Iowa Caucus:

 “After months of vigorously courting the people of Iowa, Hillary Clinton was handed an embarrassing and devastating result by nearly tying with self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders – an outcome she wish she could wipe away with a “cloth or something.” While National Democrats were hoping that Hillary’s constant dodging and deflecting of the FBI investigation into her wrongful use of a secret email server would not hurt her, last night was undeniable evidence that people find her untrustworthy, dishonest and unqualified to lead our nation.”


Polls on Hillary Clinton:

-Quinnipiac: 59 percent of Americans view Clinton as “not honest and trustworthy”.

-Gallup: Hillary now at one of her worst favorability ratings ever.

-ABC News: ‘Liar’ is the most commonly associated word with Hillary Clinton.


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