TALLAHASSEE, FL – We recently learned that the Florida Department of Children and Families has fired an employee for inappropriately accessing a state database to look up the confidential driving records of Andrew Gillum. The staffer, who is supportive of Gillum according to his social media, accessed the very same confidential driving records that are currently tied to an active criminal investigation.

The discovery, as initially reported by Politico, indicates that even Andrew Gillum’s own supporters realize just how bad the FBI investigation is for him. Is that why they are trying to access his files?

“Every day we learn of a new scandal tied to Andrew Gillum, directly or indirectly. Even though this individual was a state government employee, his social media pages clearly show that he is an avid Andrew Gillum supporter. Even Gillum’s supporters realize how bad the FBI investigation is for him. Is that why they were trying to access his files? I wonder what else they learned?” – RPOF Communications Director Meredith Beatrice


DCF staffer fired, being investigated after 'inappropriately' accessing Gillum records


By Matt Dixon

September 28, 2018

A longtime staffer with the Florida Department of Children and Families was fired last week for using a state database to look up the confidential driving records of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

The records were accessed in June 2017 by Jason Purify, a “human resources counselor II” who was hired by the state in 2005. The information was housed in the Driver and Vehicle Information Database. It holds confidential information related to a driver’s history and can be accessed by law enforcement and some government agencies.

DCF said Purify’s use of the database to look up information related to Gillum was “inappropriate” and he was fired on Sept. 21, when an audit noticed the access.

“It is a criminal offense to access information in this database without a legitimate business need; therefore, DCF has contacted [Florida Department of Law Enforcement] about this case,” said David Frady, DCF’s communications director. “The DCF Inspector General is also continuing their investigation.”

Though the driving database records are not public, records related to who tries to access the information is. POLITICO reported Wednesday that most records related to who accessed Gillum’s driver records couldn’t be released by the state because they are part of an “active criminal investigation.” The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles would not offer any additional details. The designation does not mean Gillum is the target of an investigation, but his records are tied to some form of ongoing probe.

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