Everything you need to know about Hillary Clinton’s pending criminal investigation

Hillary Clinton may soon be the center of a criminal investigation. Here is everything you need to know:

March 10, 2015— It’s revealed that Hillary Clinton used a private email server to conduct government business while Secretary of State for “convenience” reasons.

May 19, 2015— Long-time Clinton aide Sid Blumenthal is subpoenaed by the House Select Committee on Benghazi for issuing memos to Secretary Clinton on the matter of Libya, many of which were inaccurate or served business purposes. The White House had previously restricted Hillary’s attempt to hire Blumenthal as an advisor.

May 22, 2015— Following a court order, Clinton turns over the “first batch” of emails to the State Department, many of which pertain to Benghazi.

June 22, 2015— The House Select Committee on Benghazi uncovers emails to and from Hillary Clinton that pertain to Benghazi, but were omitted from the “first batch” of emails.     

June 25, 2015— After Hillary Clinton claims to have turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, it is revealed that there are still several work-related emails that she refused to turn over.

June 30, 2015— 3,000 Clinton emails are made public, most of which pertain to day-to-day office activities.

July 7, 2015— In a CNN interview, Hillary Clinton claims “Everything I did was permitted.”

July 23, 2015— An Inspector General report reveals that Hillary Clinton may have sent hundreds of classified emails through her private server, though she didn’t mark them as such. The Department of Justice begins inquiries as to whether a criminal investigation should be conducted.

August 5, 2015-- The FBI begin probes into the secret server, aiming to establish if Hillary Clinton sent classified material through her private email.

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