FLGOP Chair Blasts Obama for Putting Castro Friendship Over American Interest

Tallahassee, FL – Today, Chairman Blaise Ingoglia released the following statement regarding President Obama’s trip to Communist Cuba:

“Rather than fighting for American interests and standing with the Cuban people, President Obama has been more focused on building a friendship with the repressive Cuban regime. In addition to violating the human rights of the Cuban people, the Castro's have undermined our nation by sheltering U.S. criminals on the FBI’s terrorist list, been complicit in the deaths of Americans on humanitarian efforts over international waters, and attempted to illegally ship weapons to North Korea. It’s time for President Obama to stop sending mixed messages that legitimize and embolden an already repressive regime that seeks to only enrich themselves at the expense of its people.”

Key Points:

President Obama

  • President Obama said he would go to Cuba only if the conditions were right and human rights and freedom for the Cuban people had improved – this has not happened in Cuba.
  • President Obama promised to extend a hand to dictators if they were willing to unclench their fists – that has not happened in Cuba. 
  • The President’s meeting with civil society is such a low bench mark, the official Cuban newspaper Granma stated that Obama’s visit destroys the myth that Cuba violates human rights.
  • Instead, the leader of the free world has chosen a legacy shopping phot op enjoying a baseball game with a murderer and a thug.

Cuban Regime

  • The Castro regime continues its oppressive policies which are the opposite of our nation’s founding idea of freedom.
  • Leading up to the President’s trip, pro-democracy leaders have already been detained, arrested, and are even being prevented from leaving their homes.
  • Ordinary Cubans are fleeing their homeland in record numbers because, unlike President Obama, they don’t see much fun in being repressed by tyrants.
  • This visit comes in the heels of declarations by the Communist Party that it will not [QUOTE] give up a single inch in the defense of revolutionary and antiimperialist ideals [END QUOTE]
  • This translates to over 2,555 arbitrary detentions of peaceful protestors between January and February of 2016 alone, and over 8,000 arrests just last year.

Source for key points: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

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