Poll: Floridians don't want another four years of President Obama

When it comes to 2016, it’s pretty clear that Democrats don’t have a choice but to support a member of the unpopular Obama administration.

Now that Hillary Clinton, who was once considered the inevitable Democratic nominee, is dipping in the polls as a result of the scandal surrounding her private email server, the media is abuzz with rumors that Joe Biden will enter the presidential race in an effort by the Democratic Party to retain President Obama’s broken policies for another four years.

That may be what the Democrats want, but it certainly isn’t what Floridians want.

As revealed in a recent Quinnipiac University poll, 56 percent of Floridians polled disapprove of our current president’s performance in office. Americans are tired of ineffective, irresponsible government and, despite what the Democrats tend to think, are not enthused at the prospect of one of President Obama’s top officials moving into the White House.

Americans want a government that is efficient, effective & accountable.

For decades, the Republican Party has supported responsible government that acts for the interests of hard-working tax payers, not special interest groups and lobbyists. As a party, we plan to overhaul the executive branch of the government so that it works for citizens, not the same, inefficient politicians who have proven time and time again to be out-of-touch with the average American.

The Republican Party of Florida recognizes that the majority of Floridians don’t want another four years of President Obama, and we pledge to make sure it never happens.

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