TALLAHASSEE, FL- Recently we learned that Andrew Gillum had been using his official parking pass at Tallahassee International Airport for personal use, including for flights associated with his gubernatorial campaign. Today, Tallahassee taxpayers had to start paying a 100 percent increase on parking fees.

“Andrew Gillum believes he is personally above paying parking fees at the airport but thinks taxpayers in his city should be paying 100 percent more when they park. These fees add up to real dollars that can impact the bottom lines of hard-working Florida families. Andrew Gillum has never met a tax increase or fee he doesn’t like and now wants to impose more than $1 billion in taxes on hardworking Florida families. Florida can’t afford Andrew Gillum.” – RPOF Communications Director Meredith Beatrice

Tallahassee residents have long known they can’t afford Andrew Gillum. Now Floridians are realizing that they can’t afford him as governor.

In 2009, Gillum Voted for a 15 Percent Property Tax Hike.  “Gillum hasn't gone without public criticism. In 2009, he and other city commissioners approved a 15 percent property-tax hike, which angered some residents who said the commission wasn't being sensitive to the hardships of residents and businesses during the economic downturn.” (TaMaryn Waters, “Andrew Gillum: 'Someone to watch' in politics,” Tallahassee Democrat, 2/26/11)

In 2015, Gillum Voted for a 13 Percent Property Tax Hike of $6.3 Million. “After three months of grueling and sometimes acrimonious deliberation, city commissioners approved a $706-million budget and a 13-percent property tax increase Thursday evening. In 4-to-1 votes, commissioners put an end to one of the most divisive budget seasons in years. Mayor Andrew Gillum said commissioners have deferred the city's need for more revenue for several years. ‘We’ve given (staff members) instruction, ‘Not now, we cannot do it, the public is still suffering, we cannot tolerate an increase,’’ he said. ‘Now, it’s reckoning time.’ The city may need to consider changing the services it provides, Gillum added. The new property-tax rate will generate an extra $6.3 million in revenue next year…” (Sean Rossman, “City approves 13-percent property-tax hike,” Tallahassee Democrat, 9/24/2015)

In 2016, Gillum Voted Against Decreasing the Property Tax Rate. “The Tallahassee City Commission cut the city's property tax rate by 2.3 percent and opted to eliminate the Business License Tax at its final budget workshop on Wednesday. The commission voted 3-2 to cut the property tax rate, which will spare taxpayers $1 million. For a house that costs the median home value of $154,600, including a $50,000 homestead exemption, the average annual savings would be $13.75. Commissioner Nancy Miller and Mayor Andrew Gillum both said they were committed to last year's decision to raise property taxes. Miller said the cut would impact spending on maintenance sought by residents. Gillum said he didn't want the commission to find out in a few years it made a mistake and be forced to ask for an increase in property taxes.” (Sean Rossman, “City decreases property tax rate,” Tallahassee Democrat, 7/13/2016)




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