Grace Su Norris


I am Grace Su Norris, and this is my story.


I came to the United States with my American husband in 2009. I soon found a job as a state government employee. Through this role, I witnessed the inefficient planning and work inefficiency in government that have wasted loads of taxpayers’ dollars. Career and education inequality and unfairness has put a lot of Asian Americans’ dreams off. Today’s America doesn’t feel like the America that I long had heard about until I heard Mr. Trump’s vision when he decided to run in the 2016 presidential race.


From the determination in his speeches and policies, I know that he wants to make America great again. Many of us were very encouraged, and we soon started the Chinese Americans for Trump movement nationwide. From 3 people to 30, 300, 3000, and to over 6000 after the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. It keeps growing every day because we have had enough of the unequal and unfair educational and career opportunities for our families. We are fed up by too much political correctness and the extreme, unrealistic, and dangerous agenda of the left. We don’t want to see the United States of America going downhill any farther.


As a former state captain in Maryland, I recently moved to Hillsborough County, FL. With some connections made at the RNC in Cleveland, I was welcomed by the Republican Party of Hillsborough to join the campaign team for Donald Trump. In the past two months, the Republican Party of Hillsborough provided numerous opportunities for me to meet with a lot of excellent people who uphold true American values, which are very similar to my values as a Chinese American. In this new family, I feel home. I feel appreciative and appreciated, and I want to do more for America, which we will achieve together with the party and American people following the new leadership of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.