Ingoglia: Dem voters Looking for Alternative to Clinton Lies & Failed Record

Tallahassee, FL – Chairman Blaise Ingoglia released the following statement regarding the reports that Hillary Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in the NH primary:

“In the past New Hampshire has been the Clinton safe-haven, but tonight’s disastrous outcome is once again a sign that Democrat voters are looking for an alternative to the Clinton lies and failed record. No matter how much the Clinton machine tries to spin these results, voters will continue to see the catastrophe of scandals and negative headlines that plague her campaign.” 


NH was once Clinton Land: (via RNC)
New Hampshire resurrected Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign after he bet the farm on the state. Bill’s victory earned him the moniker “The Comeback Kid.”

New Hampshire provided Hillary Clinton a much needed win in 2008 after finishing third in Iowa. While polls showed Obama with a clear lead, Clinton won by over 2 points.  

Hillary Clinton led Bernie Sanders by roughly 40 points last year. If Sanders’ proximity to the state really was a factor, this race would have always been tight.

Polls on Hillary Clinton:

Quinnipiac: 59 percent of Americans view Clinton as “not honest and trustworthy”.

Gallup: Hillary now at one of her worst favorability ratings ever.

ABC News: ‘Liar’ is the most commonly associated word with Hillary Clinton.



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