Hillary’s Message to Florida: “Show me the money.”

Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Hillary for America is in Tampa, Florida. So does this mean Hillary Clinton is in our state meeting with voters? Guess again: instead of coming to Florida to talk with hardworking Floridians, Hillary is sending her campaign manager to headline another closed-door fundraiser. Looks like Hillary’s message to Florida is consistent and clear: “Show me the money.”

“Once again, Hillary Clinton is showing Florida voters her priority: closed-door, expensive fundraisers. By continuing to only cater to donors and ignoring everyday Floridians, Hillary is further demonstrating  why voters find her out-of-touch and untrustworthy.” – Wadi Gaitan, RPOF Communications Director


WKMG Local 6: Hillary Clinton attends Central Florida fundraiser
“Aids say that events in gated communities like this one here will soon fade in favor of more public outings”

Orlando Sentinel: Hillary Clinton coming to Orlando for $2.7K per fundraiser
The minimum donation for attendance is $2,700 to Clinton's campaign fund, which is the maximum allowable under federal law per election.”

Miami Herald: Hillary Clinton's coming to Florida to raise money
“Hillary Clinton will make her first trip to South Florida next week as a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate to raise money from well-heeled political donors. A couple of public events are also in the works.” (Note: Hillary’s campaign later decide not to host public events)

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