Hillary Skips Florida, Again

Fla Dems: Zero candidates, Zero momentum

Tallahassee, FL – Today, the Florida GOP released the following statement noting the lack of presidential candidates and momentum leading up to the Florida Democrats’ annual convention. The difference between the Florida state parties is clear: Republicans are building the needed grassroots organization and momentum needed to win in 2016.

"While this is not the first democratic Florida event that Hillary Clinton is skipping, her absence at this convention is a clear reflection of the lack of momentum and grassroots organization that Florida Democrats have going into 2016." – Republican Party of Florida 



  • Florida Democrats are hosting their convention  Oct 30th- Nov. 1st.

  • The Hill --> Hillary Skips Democrat Florida Event:
    “Democrats in Palm Beach County, Fla., were taken aback in recent weeks when they asked former President Bill Clinton and then later Hillary Clinton to be the keynote speaker for the annual Kennedy-Truman-Johnson dinner next month — and both Clintons declined. The county, which ended up determining the fate of the 2000 election, is a must-win for any presidential hopeful. ” (Clinton faces trouble in Florida, The Hill, 9/13/2015)


  • “It’s a little odd, to be honest,’ said one Democrat familiar with the dinner. ‘Here’s a sold-out dinner with a friendly audience and she’s not taking advantage. And she needs Palm Beach County and more importantly, she needs Florida,’ the Democrat said.” (Clinton faces trouble in Florida, The Hill, 9/13/2015)


  • “Other than coming to the great state of Florida to raise money, we haven't seen too much of Hillary,’ said Daniel Smith, a professor of political science at the University of Florida. ‘She's not as present as certainly the Republican candidates have been. There hasn’t been enough face time. Democrats here want to hear some discussion of the issues,’ Smith added. ‘They want to be engaged.’ (Clinton faces trouble in Florida, The Hill, 9/13/2015)


  • While the Florida Democrats’ convention will NOT feature any of the liberal presidential candidates, the RPOF will be welcoming 12 out of the 15 Republican presidential candidates at the Sunshine Summit.  Read the lineup of speakers here.

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