Tell Us How The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Has Benefited You!

The good news from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act just keeps coming!

According to Americans for Tax Reform, Florida small businesses are reaping the benefits of tax reform as well. Jones Auto & Towing based in in Riverview, Florida will put two additional trucks into service which will add two more full-time jobs. Guy Jones, Owner of Jones Auto & Towing had this to say:

“The tax cuts are putting two more tow trucks on the road for my business. This will add two more full-time job openings that will help two more families. And it will put a little more money in the bank for my family. My wife is a registered nurse and has a 401k which is doing better this last year than in the previous 13 years!!

Thanks to President Trump!!! Thankfully I will be taken delivery of my new trucks in two weeks and hitting the road! MAGA!”

– Guy Jones, Jones Auto & Towing

Now we want to hear YOUR STORY! How has the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act benefited you, your family, or your company?