ICYMI: Blaise Ingoglia: Cloudy Forecast for Hillary Clinton’s Sunshine State Visit

By Chairman Ingoglia
Florida Politics
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Hillary Clinton is in the Sunshine State this week, but she is not  getting a warm welcome: A recent poll published by the Florida Atlantic University asserts that Clinton’s disapproval rating in Florida has skyrocketed with 56 percent of Floridians viewing the “often confused” former first lady unfavorably. This is tough news for Clinton, considering that every president since 1996 needed Florida to win the general election.

Florida voters aren’t the only ones who think Clinton is untrustworthy. As the FBI continues to investigate the legality of Clinton’s private email server, voters across the country have grown increasingly wary of her bid for president and her transparent political persona. In fact, only an abysmal 27 percent of voters think Hillary Clinton is honest and straightforward, and in head-to-head matchups with the top five Republican nominees, Clinton always loses. For someone who wants to be the next president of the United States, Clinton is not in a good position.

As we approach the general election, Clinton is coming to Florida, one of the nation’s largest swing states, in an attempt to re-brand her image of dishonesty in front of the America’s most powerful electorate. But she’s fighting a losing battle.

Her dropping approval numbers in Florida should be a signal to voters everywhere. Clinton is untrustworthy, dishonest, and represents the ineptitude we’ve come to expect from the Democratic Party. While she expects to win back the support of Florida voters by traveling down to our home state this week, Clinton can never make Floridians ignore her failed track record as secretary of state or the many scandals that plague her campaign.

The polls speak for themselves: Florida voters do not want Hillary Clinton as their next president.

Instead, Floridians want an honest, transparent candidate with proposals that work for everyday Americans, not legislation propped up by crony capitalism and special interests. They want a president who can be held accountable for their actions, not someone who has a history of lying to the American public and skirting the rules for “convenience.” Floridians have spoken, and their message is loud and clear: In 2016, we will elect a Republican to the White House.

State Rep. Blaise Ingoglia is chairman of the Republican Party of Florida.