ICYMI: Republican Candidates & RPOF Deliver Relief Supplies to Panama City and Santa Rosa

Tallahassee, FL – In case you missed it, statewide Republican candidates and the Republican Party of Florida banded together this weekend to deliver much-needed relief supplies to the Florida Panhandle. Supplies were donated at victory offices across the state. Additionally, the RPOF, working with Walmart and Grayton Beer Company,  coordinated the delivery of $20,000 worth of bottled water and cleaning supplies to Santa Rosa.

Video footage of Republican candidates Ron DeSantis, Jeanette Nuñez, Ashley Moody, and Matt Caldwell delivering much needed supplies to Panama City residents following Hurricane Michael:

Ron DeSantis, Ashley Moody, Matt Caldwell Run Supplies to Panama City
Florida Politics

By Jacob Ogles

October 13, 2018

Statewide Republican candidates today banded together for a supply drive today for hurricane-struck areas of the state.

Gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, his running mate Jeannette Nunez, Attorney General candidate Ashley Moody and Agriculture Commissioner candidate Matt Caldwell shared pictures and video today as they gathered supplies in Live Oak and ran them up to Bay County.

DeSantis shared a video on Twitter explaining the need to help individuals struck by the storm. He said two U-Haul trucks filled with water, food and other supplies now accompany his campaign team up north.

“Michael was really a devastating storm,” he said. “It walloped those areas, so people need assistance now.”

Nunez said all the candidates lived through previous storms, whether Hurricane Irma in 2017 or major storms like Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

“We’re really looking forward to providing whatever relief efforts we can,”

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Ron DeSantis Discusses Hurricane Relief with Judge Jeanine on Fox News

October 13, 2018

Fox News Transcription:

RON DESANTIS:  Well, I'll tell you, I was born and raised in Florida.  This is the worst I have seen.  I was young when Andrew hit so I don't really remember that as well.  But if you look at Panama City, if you look at Mexico Beach, I mean, this is real, real significant damage.  So what I did the last few days is we converted all my campaign rallies that were scheduled into supply drops.  So we were able to fill up two U-Hauls with different things and we went and delivered it to Panama City today. 

PIRRO:  Hang on, Congressman, and just for our viewers, these are photos and video of the Congressman assisting in Florida.  Go ahead, Congressman.  

DESANTIS:  Right, so we brought a lot to a shelter, and that's going to be distributed from there.  But then, there were people in neighborhoods, some of the low-income neighborhoods, who they - they had kids running around the neighborhood.  They couldn't necessarily make to it a shelter, so we went ahead and delivered some stuff direct to them.  I think those are some of the pictures that you are seeing.  So they were really appreciative that we were able to do that.  

And I just thank a lot of my supporters from being able - for being willing to pitch in and help their fellow Floridians in need.  

PIRRO:  Well, and I understand now that the search is intensifying for 1,500 people in Florida still missing.  How did that happen?  

DESANTIS:  Well, hopefully, a lot of those people did get out.  They are just not accounted for yet.  But the thing about this storm was, it kind of snuck up on people.  We weren't really thinking about it, then it was there.  It was kind of this tropical storm, then it did get to a hurricane, but it went from a Category 1 to a Category 4 in like 36 hours.  So I think, there may have been some people, unfortunately who thought they could ride out a Category 1, you ain't going to ride out a Category 4 if you have anything other than really serious structures.  

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