3 Key Moments from Iowa Democratic Town Hall




1. Hillary Clinton: “Nothing I did was wrong”
Hillary’s stance regarding the use of a private email server has shifted again to: “Nothing I did was wrong” a stark change from her stance late in 2015 when she explained “…that was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility”.  Even with intelligence sources describing the use of a private email server as “gross negligence” the Clinton camp seems determined on insisting a record of jeopardizing national security is irrelevant to a presidential candidate.

2. Shots fired. Sanders goes after Hillary’s Flip-Flops and Unsuccessful Record. 
The conflict between Sanders and Hillary seems to center around who is more “qualified” to become commander in chief. While the Clinton camp relies on Hillary’s history as Washington politician, Sanders challenged her judgment and unsuccessful record which Hillary has admitted is filled with mistakes. He also listed several key policy flip-flops in the Clinton campaign such as the Keystone Pipeline, immigration, and foreign policy.  

3. Dishonest Hillary 
Unfortunately for Clinton, the growing sentiment of a dishonest, untrustworthy politician is spreading – and spreading fast. Unable to shake the base of the claim when confronted by a several attendees, Clinton chalked up a career of political shifting to “Republican bias.” Unable to explain her use of a secret email server that has resulted in a FBI investigation, Clinton blamed political rivals for her reputation.



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