Memo: Florida GOP, Republican National Committee Ground Game Support Aides Lenny to Victory

To:         Interested parties 
From:    Brad Herold, Florida GOP Executive Director  
Re:         Jacksonville Race for Mayor  
Date:     Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tuesday night’s victory was a result of the right leader supported by a carefully, planned-out ground game.The outcome creates a serious problem for Democrats as we draw near to the 2016 election.  

Below you will find a description of the strategic support that the Florida GOP, with the support of the RNC, provided on the ground. This is a glimpse of the calculated, dedicated work that we plan to execute to make 2016 a victorious year for Republicans.

Ground Game Support:

  • RPOF/RNC-funded field staff were engaged in get out the vote (GOTV) and target voter contact effort since late January.
  • During the 3-month primary, RPOF deployed a dozen field staff and support staffers to help volunteer and paid drive/target door-to-door and voter contact efforts in the primary election
  • During the primary, the combined Curry/RPOF team had knocked over 91,000 targeted voter contact doors and made over 120,000 voter contact calls
  • The RPOF/RNC Team also recruited volunteers from the rest of Florida to help with final two week voter contact push
  • During the general election, over 30 paid knockers/field staffers were recruited for the final 3-week AB/EV/GOTV push
  • The total deployed/paid ground game effort (funded by RPOF) is roughly 70 deployed/field staffers, managed by the joint RNC/Curry campaign effort;
  • For the final 4 week general election voter contact push, the combined Curry/RPOF team knocked over 129,000 targeted doors and made over 135,000 voter contact calls (primarily AB Chase, EV Push and ID calls)
  • As they did during the primary, the RPOF ran a volunteer phone-bank out of RPOF headquarters in Tallahassee that focused on AB chase calls
  • RNC Data/Digital worked with RPOF and Curry team to develop new voter scores and target universes for voter contact, maximizing our ground game’s focus and effectiveness (similar effort to the voter scoring)

At the end, the results spoke for themselves: The Curry Campaign, RPOF, and RNC ground game made the difference in a tough and important win for Republicans – while the Democrats’ efforts and strategy came short of turning out votes for a win.

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