Memo: Sunshine Summit Builds Advantage for Republicans in Florida

To: Interested Parties
From: Blaise Ingoglia, RPOF Chairman
Date: November 15, 2015
Re: Outcome of Sunshine Summit 


At the beginning of this year the Republican Party of Florida made the commitment to build a turnkey grassroots and digital operation that will ensure that Florida turns red for all Republicans on the ticket – from the presidential nominee to local candidates and everyone in between. 

The success of the Sunshine Summit is crystal clear and demonstrates that the State Party is continuing to build the needed grassroots and digital organization necessary to turn Florida red in 2016. With over 2,500 attendees from across the state present to hear the 14 Republican presidential candidates, it is evident that Florida voters are eager for a change of the current failed policies of this Democrat administration, and ready for common-sense, effective solutions from a conservative leader.


Organizing the largest swing state to win an election is not done overnight. Hosting a successful grassroots event a year out of the election creates momentum and builds an advantage for Republicans in Florida.


Here Are A Few Highlights From The Sunshine Summit:


Attendance: Over 2,500 Attendees.

Our attendees were made up of elected officials, grassroots leaders and volunteers, along with first-time voters who will play a key role in the next election. This successful two-day event demonstrating that the State Party is strong and able to build the grassroots and digital organization required to win the White House.


Speakers: 14 presidential candidates, All U.S. Senate candidates, elected officials, & guest speakers.

By participating in the Sunshine Summit GOP presidential candidates now qualify for primary ballot access in Florida. As the first winner-take-all state, and a prize of 99 delegates, the importance of Florida in the primary is evident. Aside from speeches on the main stage, our event hosted several media availabilities and candidate breakout sessions – giving Florida voters and media access to candidates. We also held important discussions (panels) on Community & Diversity Engagement; and How we plan to use digital engagement to win in 2016.


Biggest Contrast to Florida Democrats’ Event: Everything!
We’ll name one to get the list going: The Democrat State Party in the largest swing state had ZERO Democrat presidential candidates at their convention.


Media: National and local TV, radio, digital and print present.

Distribution of 350+ press credentials and 10+ satellite trucks present.   

All Major National TV outlets covered the event: FOX NEWS, CNN, MSNBC, Telemundo, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, & Univision.

CSPAN: carried the entire event live on TV, radio and online.

Several candidate media availabilities.

7+ national and local radio stations who participated in radio row.