MEMO: Florida GOP Milestones, A Party Of Growth

To: Florida GOP Executive State Committee
From: Chairman Blaise Ingoglia
Date: April 6, 2016
Re: Florida GOP Milestones, A Party Of Growth  

Fellow Republicans,

The last year and few months we have been focused on reforming, growing, and strengthening our State Party. Our objective has been simple: Building a State Party that is effective at empowering the grassroots, winning elections, and spreading our conservative message of economic opportunity and individual empowerment. We have been working tirelessly and strategically in order to accomplish this goal. This has required reforming and strengthening  the way we engage with the grassroots, our state party, and communities across Florida. Through the infographic below we layout the milestones that we have reached in our grassroots efforts, social media engagement, and much more. Take a moment to review and share the many accomplishments we as a state party have obtained this year!