Patrick Murphy: The Most Disappointing Man in Congress

In the last few weeks, Patrick Murphy’s long record of missteps has stolen the spotlight of his primary run against progressive democrat Alan Grayson. The list of his exaggerations and embarrassments is extensive and unique, qualifying him as The Most Disappointing Man in Congress. In honor of this title we put together five memes to highlight the top missteps that are haunting Privileged Patrick Murphy:


1. Out of all of the members of congress Patrick Murphy stands in the list of “least-effective Members of Congress” according to

You read that right. This list’s criteria doesn’t stem from the sponsorship of bills actually turned into law, but rather laws that passed even a single committee. During his first term, Murphy sponsored 29 bills and not a single one was passed by a committee. Not one. For comparison, his Democratic primary rival Alan Grayson proposed 96 bills and had two passed by a committee. It’s no secret that Murphy’s legislative ideas were not popular and that his first term was all-but a waste of time. Source.



2. People are always tempted to spin their qualifications or past experiences when applying for a job, but Murphy has taken it to a new level.

Murphy has long harped on his two degrees from the University of Miami, one in accounting and one in finance. After a closer look, it appears Mr. Murphy only has one -  business administration, double-majoring in accounting finance. While majors and degrees may get a little confusing, one would think to clarify it to themselves before pitching it to potential voters. Sadly for Patrick Murphy, the spin doesn’t stop there. Murphy has also publicly claimed on multiple occasions that he is a certified public accountant. While this may be true, he never clarified for which state he was certified in. That state is roughly 30 hours to the west of Florida. After multiple tries, Murphy passed the CPA in the state of Colorado, and, though he has led voters to believe that he worked as a CPA in Florida, he was never certified here in the Sunshine State. Maybe it’s easy to mix those up too? But Murphy has also considered himself someone with a great small business background thanks to his Coastal Environment Services company which he claims was at the forefront of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup. Well, it turns out that his company is affiliated with a business owned by his father and, to add salt to the wounds, the extent of those cleanup efforts may not even be valid. Source.  


3. With the coast of that he represents covered in bacterial algae, Patrick Murphy decided to spend the Fourth of July yachting in the Northeast.

It’s no shocker that he didn’t turn down the opportunity to go yachting on his father’s extravagant NINETY-SEVEN-foot yacht nicknamed “Cocktails”, you’d have to have a good reason to decline that offer, like maybe being serious about representing the people you were elected by. That didn’t seem to be at the top of Murphy’s priorities. The toxic algae outbreak is so bad, in fact, that a state of emergency has been declared. It is costing the local economy and is a danger to people in the surrounding areas. Source.



4. Money has never been an issue for Patrick Murphy.

It started when his father hired him to a 6-figure job with his company despite having to lay off 70% of its workers during the recession. After washing out 350 people, there was still a spot for Patrick. Today, Papa Murphy is funding his son’s campaign to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He even admits, “quite frankly I never would have run (for Congress) if I didn’t have a family business.” Source.



5. We made this point earlier, but let’s be honest – not getting your bills signed into law as member of congress is pretty disappointing.

Even though Murphy hasn’t been effective as a congressman he now wants hardworking families and individuals across Florida to give him a promotion. It’s going to be hard to argue that he can do better for all of Florida after not making an impact for his district. Source.



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