7 unforgettable Justice Scalia Quotes

1. “More important than your obligation to follow your conscience, or at least prior to it, is your obligation to form your conscience correctly.”

 “I think Thomas Jefferson would have said the more speech, the better. That’s what the First Amendment is all about.”

"God has been very good to us. One of the reasons God has been good to us is that we have done him honor.”

 “This Court, however, concludes that this limitation would prevent the rest of the Act from working as well as hoped. So it rewrites
the law to make tax credits available everywhere. We should start calling this law SCOTUScare.” 

 “Persuade your fellow citizens it’s a good idea and pass a law. That’s what democracy is all about. It’s not about nine superannuated judges who have been there too long, imposing these demands on society.”

 “If you’re going to be a good and faithful judge, you have to resign yourself to the fact that you’re not always going to like the conclusions you reach. If you like them all the time, you’re probably doing something wrong.”

"Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity."


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