ICYMI: Politicians in High-Tax Northern States Support Andrew Gillum for Governor

TALLAHASSEE, FL- In case you missed it, politicians in high-tax New Jersey recently held a fundraiser for Andrew Gillum. This week, three Democratic mayors in Massachusetts, held a fundraiser for Gillum even though he wasn’t there.

Perhaps Florida’s northern neighbors want Andrew Gillum to be governor as a way to trap and keep residents in their own high-tax states from fleeing?

Andrew Gillum wants to increase Florida taxes by a billion dollars on the backs of hardworking Floridians. He is on the record saying he wants to form a federation of states to fund programs such as Medicare for All, which would leave Florida taxpayers on the hook for other states. As noted recently in the Wall Street Journal, funding Gillum’s radical agenda would eventually require passing a state income tax in Florida.

What’s happened in Massachusetts and New Jersey should serve as a cautionary tale if Andrew Gillum gets his way. If an income tax were to be passed in Florida, it would be here to stay. Despite the efforts of Republican governors in the Northeast, state legislatures have consistently opposed their efforts to lower high tax policies.

Florida’s economic success over the past eight years is a direct result of low-tax, pro-growth policies passed by Republican leadership. Andrew Gillum’s plan for Florida would reverse this progress.

Florida: No income tax thanks to Republican leadership.

Massachusetts: 5.1%personal income tax rate on both earned (salaries, wages, tips, commissions) and unearned (interest, dividends and capital gains) income. Certain capital gains are taxed at 12%. 

New Jersey: Single taxpayers and married taxpayers filing separate returns making between $40,001 and $75,000 face a personal income tax rate of 5.525%. Married taxpayers filing jointly for incomes between $70,001 and $80,000 face a 3.5% tax rate.


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