Republican Party of Florida Launches Florida.GOP

RPOF also launches new logo

Today, Chairman Blaise Ingoglia announced the Republican Party of Florida has launched a new website, Florida.GOP. In addition to launching the new website, RPOF also unveiled a new logo.

Chairman Ingoglia said, “The launch of Florida.GOP is part of our commitment to modernize the way we engage with voters across the state. As we prepare our path to victory in 2016 this new website provides a digital platform to interact with voters and empower volunteers with the tools they need to be effective. Our new website will include a personalized Victory Center that will help our communities track grassroots efforts, receive timely updates, and share their support for the party. Through this new, modernized digital platform we will bring everyone together as we move closer to the 2016 election.”

Some of the new features on include:

State of the art digital platform:

Our website is the first step in our effort in the development of a new, NationBuilder-powered digital infrastructure in America’s largest swing state.

Petitions section:

There are petitions to sign, automatic social media sharing prompts after taking action, and — throughout the site — personalized feedback on what supporters have done and what they can do next.

Data, data, data:

Data from the digital, field, and voter records are all consolidated into a singular, canonical list — which is then synced up and down between the state & the county parties.

Local integration:

This digital platform will better serve each of the local county parties to connect them to the state party website and facilitate data and digital communication between local, state and national voter databases

Personal dashboard:

Voters and volunteers can create their own RPOF account where they can track their digital grassroots activity, compete on statewide leaderboards, and share content via social media.

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