RNC: Katherine Organized Four Debate Watch Parties for Three Big Reasons

The Republican Leadership Initiative is one of the most essential tools the RNC possesses in mobilizing our grassroots activists and engaging communities to share republican values. The next election will be won by grassroots volunteers like Katherine, and it is important that voters are aware of the fantastic growth the Republican party is making within local communities. 

From the RNC:

"My life is busy with three kids, the eldest being autistic. From the moment I wake up, they’re my motivation and one of the main reasons I felt I had to get involved. This election will have an impact on the kind of country our children live in for decades to come.

If you’re worried that America is drifting down the wrong path, you’re not alone. After seven years under Obama, our great country is in desperate need of a course correction. That is why it is so important for us to see a Republican back in the White House in 2016.

But it won’t be easy. There is no time to waste. If we want to reach this goal, we will need to work together like never before. And, there is no greater opportunity to have an impact than to join the Republican Leadership Initiative.

This is what the Republican Leadership Initiative is all about. As a fellow, I have met and learned from dedicated people that inspire me every day. The program has given me the tools to have a strong voice in my community.

For example, during the September GOP debate, I organized four debate-watching parties in three counties – all in one night. We brought together people who were not previously engaged in politics to become further involved with the Republican Party.

Lots of people talk about making a difference but don’t know how, I was one of them. RLI changed that."

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