RPOF Approves Qualifying Requirements for March 15 Primary

Tallahassee, FL – Today, Chairman Blaise Ingoglia, RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day, National Committeeman Peter Feaman, Vice Chair Joe Gruters, and RPOF Rules Chairman Nelson Diaz released the following statements after the RPOF executive board approved (35-1) the candidate qualifying requirements for the presidential preference primary. For a copy of the approved rule please see below or read online here

 "I want to thank the RPOF executive board and rules committee for their hard work in crafting a common sense rule that gives clear options to candidates while empowering the grassroots of our great party. Passing this new rule by an overwhelming majority shows that the Republican party remains committed to the task at hand, delivering our 29 electoral votes to the Republican nominee," said Blaise Ingoglia, RPOF Chairman

 “Florida is one of the most important and diverse states in deciding the White House. That is why it was important that we establish a fair, common-sense rule that provides candidates with the proper guidance to qualify for our primary. This historic vote will increase the incentive for candidates to engage and motivate the grassroots for 2016,” said Sharon Day, RNC Co-Chairman , RPOF National Committeewoman, and Executive Board Member

 “Today’s new rule is the result of hard work by all concerned, including input from our grassroots, the RNC and Presidential campaigns. Republicans from all walks of life and all persuasions can come together and unite behind efforts that will empower Florida voters and motivate the grassroots for the primary and general election in what is one of the most influential swing states in the nation,” said Peter Feaman, RPOF National Committeeman, RPOF Executive Board Member

  “Today is an important day for Florida as our grassroots become even more relevant during this key primary election. Florida voters will pave the way to the White House in 2016, and with the new rule approved, candidates now have clear guidelines in order qualify for our primary Our party remains committed to uniting and empowering our grassroots to help organize for the eventual Republican nominee,” said, Joe Gruters, Sarasota GOP Chairmen, RPOF Vice Chairman

  “Miami's GOP grassroots are very excited about the adoption of the new rule.  By instituting this criteria, not only are we clarifying the process for ballot access, but we are ensuring that candidates make a commitment to our grassroots volunteers by participating in the qualifying process,” said Nelson Diaz, Miami GOP Chairman and RPOF Rules and Constitution Committee Chair.



Methods of Qualifying for Presidential Preference Primary Ballot

Each Republican presidential candidate seeking to appear on the presidential preference primary ballot shall:

1. Sunshine Summit OptionFor any candidate invited to attend the Republican Party of Florida’s Sunshine Summit, qualify through personal appearance at the Sunshine Summit to execute and file the Candidate Oath prescribed by this rule, which shall be witnessed by the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida or the Chairman’s designee; or

2. Qualifying Fee OptionAt any time after the conclusion of the Sunshine Summit but not later than 5 p.m. on November 23, qualify by filing with the Republican Party of Florida the Candidate Oath prescribed by this rule and a candidate qualifying fee made payable to the Republican Party of Florida in the amount of $25,000. Any qualifying fees collected under this Rule will be devoted entirely to grassroots engagement activities in support of the Republican Party’s candidates in the General Election; or

3. Petition OptionAt any time after the conclusion of the Sunshine Summit but not later than 5 p.m. on November 23, qualify by filing with the Republican Party of Florida the Candidate Oath prescribed by this rule and RPOF Candidate Petitions, collected by volunteers, containing the signatures of 3,375 registered Republican voters including at least 125 registered Republican voters from each of Florida’s 27 Congressional Districts (as enacted by Chapter 2014-255, Laws of Florida). The Republican Party of Florida will: 1) check the signatures on the petitions to verify the signatories’ status as registered Republican voters in the stated Congressional Districts; and 2) determine whether the required number of signatures has been obtained.


No other proxy or alternative qualifying method for the presidential preference primary shall be available. The Republican Party of Florida retains the sole and exclusive authority to adjudicate compliance with all requirements of this party rule.


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