TALLAHASSEE, FL- RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia today called on Andrew Gillum to fire a staffer who previously referred to voters in states who voted for President Donald Trump as “Dumbf****”

“It is unbelievable to me that Andrew Gillum would not only employ, but promote on social media, a person who calls voters ‘dumb f*cks’ for electing Republicans. It is hypocritical for Gillum to endorse the same kind of hateful, intolerant speech that he likes to denounce. I’m sure the hundreds of thousands of Democrat and Non-Party Affiliated voters in Florida who voted for Republicans last election would like to know why his gubernatorial campaign has such contempt for them. Andrew Gillum should not only issue an apology, he should fire this person and the people who tried to hide this behavior from the public,” said RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia.

Gillum Staffer Calls Republicans “Dumbf****”

Central Florida Post

By Jacob Engels

September 26, 2018

“…The Central Florida Post has discovered that Andrew Gillum’s new Youth Director/Deputy Constituency Director once posed in a shirt describing all states who voted for President Donald Trump as ““Dumbf*********.” Blue states were described as “United States of America,” because only those who voted for Hillary Clinton should be considered Americans.

The image was shared on his Instagram profile “manny597,” accompanied by the following status.

‘112 days into this fiasco I think it’s time for this picture to be posted. #sorrynotsorry #thisisnotnormal’

“Manny Orozco Ballestas was jubilant and welcoming in a video featured on Gillum’s social media on Tuesday, seeming like a swell guy who really wants to help elect someone who he thinks will best govern the state of Florida.

“But how can he really do so? If he views anyone who isn’t a Democrat as a ‘dumbf***’ and not part of America… how can his boss preach tolerance? People of all walks of life and races are registered as Republicans. Does Manny Orozco Ballestas just hate the White Republicans or does he hate anyone who is a registered Republican?

“Furthermore, why does Andrew Gillum allow someone who views millions of Floridians as ‘dumbf***’ hold a leadership position in is campaign? Has George Soros promised him so much money that he has decided to not even try to appeal to voters who do not adopt his radical Alt-Left policies?

“If Ron DeSantis must be held accountable for everything anyone associated with his campaign has ever said or done… shouldn’t the same apply to Andrew Gillum? Additionally, what does this say about the Gillum campaign’s vetting process? It’s one thing for someone who supports your campaign to say something off-color and for an actual paid staffer to do so.

“Manny Orozco Ballesta’s belief that anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton is a ‘dumbf***’ is close-minded. I would argue that is rabidly anti-American. Andrew Gillum should embrace Ballestas viewpoints of ALL REPUBLICANS being ‘dumbf***’ or fire Ballestas and find another messenger.

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