RPOF Highlights Next Generation Roundtable Committee

Tallahassee, FLToday, the Republican Party of Florida highlighted the Next Generation Roundtable Committee, one of the new committees that met at the Spring 2015 Quarterly Meeting this past weekend in Orlando. This additional committee is part of the changes implemented by Chairman Blaise Ingoglia.

Chairman Ingoglia said, “As were near the 2016 elections our party is focused on strengthening our grassroots, and this includes all of the youth organizations.  Teenage Republicans, College Republicans and Young Republicans are the future of our party, and we are committed to engaging this age group. We are making changes now that will bring the TARs, CRs and YRs to the table, and this new committee is just part of that. Through our improved digital engagement strategy and new website, Florida.GOP, we are starting the ground work now. This will ensure that everyone is ready for 2016 regardless of what generation they are from.”

Patty Redlich, Orange County State Committee Woman & Next Generation Roundtable Chair said, “The first meeting of the Next Generation was held at the May RPOF Quarterly. It was energized by a packed room filled with teens, college and young Republicans from across the state. If this is any sign of what is to come, their future is bright and so is our country. These are some of the hardest working volunteers I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know and I look forward to working with them as we enter into this next campaign cycle.”

Anna Taylor, Former Executive Director of Florida Federation of College Republicans said, “It is so surreal to see this vision of ours finally start to take shape! Our generation is motivated, energized and ready to move mountains to better our future. The Next Generation coalition opens up a much needed path for clear communication between the youth and party leadership. They can help give us a voice and we can help them accurately market the GOP’s message to the youth at every level. Get excited – we are moving in the right direction and there are great things ahead!” 

Adam Cross, Former Chair of Florida Federation of College Republicans said, “This committee is going to be a crucial tool for a Republican victory in 2016. The millennial generation is ready for a move away from the old and broken ideas of the left. The Next Generation committee gives a voice to us, the younger generation, to help cultivate new ideas and to build an outreach program that is organic, innovative, and effective for years to come.”

Brian T. Empric, Vice Chair of Florida Federation of Young Republicans said, “I am thrilled that RPOF recognized the significance of the Next Generation and the effectiveness of our organizations to get Republicans elected. The RPOF's increased support of the existing young Republican organizations in Florida can only help to bring more young voters to our party and more engaged activists to our campaigns.”


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