3 Signs of Chaos in the Democratic Party

As the Republican party unites to support Donald Trump for a victory in November, the Democratic Party continues to show signs of division and chaos. With their primary race dragging on, both sides continue to exchange blows leaving the party more and more divided. Here are three clear examples of chaos happening now in their race.

1)      Democrat candidates continue to fight. Sanders’ campaign claims a Clinton nomination would be a disaster to the party and to the nation. (Washington Times). It’s true, and we agree. Clinton has proven to the American people that she cannot be trusted and her nomination would be a disaster to our military, our growing debt, and our freedoms. 

2)      They still don't have a nominee. Bernie’s campaign claims they are helping Clinton by staying in the race (The Hill). The longer Sanders stays in the race, the more states show the rest of the nation that they reject the idea of a Clinton presidency and prefer a self-proclaimed socialists’ ideologies over her scandal-ridden record. The longer Sanders stays in the race, the more out-of-touch and weak Hillary seems in the eyes of Sanders’ supporters, all of who’s votes she will be desperate for come November.

3)      Things are getting ugly. Supporters of Sanders are proving aggressive (NY Times) with a certain hostility of their own. “Thrown chairs, leaked cellphone numbers, death threats spewed across the Internet” was the scene at the Nevada Democratic Party convention after Sanders’ supporters believed he was shorted by the number of delegates he was awarded from the state’s primary. “It’s been vile,” said chairwoman Roberta Lange, “threatening messages, threatening my family, threatening my life, threatening my grandchild.”

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