The Democrats’ Choices: A Liar or A Socialist

Another week, another drop in the polls for Hillary Clinton. The negative drip, drip effect of Clinton’s email scandal has relentlessly diminished her favorability amongst voters. Last month, a Quinnipiac University poll revealed the top three words voters associated with Clinton are “liar,” “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy.” That’s not good news for the Democratic front-runner. Or rather, the previous front-runner.

As Hillary Clinton continues to slip in the polls, self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders has surged forward, overtaking Hillary in the coveted early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire. While Sanders’ growing popularity illustrates the public’s disdain for Hillary Clinton and her unending scandals, it also exposes how woefully out of touch the Democratic party is with American values.

In presenting themselves to voters, both Clinton and Sanders like to label themselves as ‘progressive,’ though in truth either candidate is unbefitting of the term.

On one hand, Hillary Clinton represents an extension of the inept Obama administration that led a painfully slow economic recovery in 2008. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders proposed tax reforms arrive at a gut-wrenching price tag of $18 trillion dollars. That kind of government spending doesn’t sound like progressive policy.

Democrats are obsessed with the notion that it is the government’s role to mend our economy, though they fail to recognize that government intervention can actually make our economy worse. Food stamp enrollment has soared under the Obama administration, and median U.S. income has dipped by 5 percent. The tax burden that President Obama has imposed on our nation’s working and middle class has caused more harm than good, and the Democrats who plan to replace him aim to increase this burden even further.

Wild, unaccountable government is what our Founding Fathers fought against 200 years ago, and it is what the Republican Party is fighting against this very day. Republicans believe in scaling back the federal government and cutting unnecessary spending, liberating hardworking Americans to use their money as they see fit. We also aim to combat income equality by breaking down the barriers that prevent those in the lower class from moving up in the economy. Republicans don’t want more Americans to enroll in food stamps; we want to empower Americans so that they don’t need food stamps at all.

No matter how progressive Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders claim to be, their policies routinely limit the economic freedom of Americans. While the Democrats promote presidential candidates who disguise economic dependency with prosperity, the Republican Party pledges to elect a president who will empower Americans and, above all, prevent voters from ever having to decide between a liar and a socialist.  

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