Three Reasons Why We Can't Trust Hillary Clinton and Her Foundation

1. Hillary Clinton accepts donations from foreign governments that harm women

While Hillary claims to fight for women’s rights, her unapologetic, willingness to receive donations from foreign governments that harm women speaks louder than words.

As revealed in the State Department’s 2014 Human Rights report, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman are countries known to legally restrict women of basic liberties and do little to protect them from domestic and spousal abuse – the Clinton Foundation gladly allowed generous donations from each of these countries.

It’s impossible to trust Hillary’s platform on women’s rights when she is so eager to take money from nations where women are still second-class citizens.

2. Even  Democrats agree: The Clinton Foundation can’t be trusted

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently questioned Hillary’s philanthropy on record, asking whether or not donations to the Clinton Foundation impacted U.S. policy, claiming “People should be talking about the Clinton Foundation”.

If a far-left, presidential contender like Sanders has doubts about Hillary and her foundation, we all should. It’s becoming evident that Hillary’s foundation may have held influence in Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, and even members of her own Party are weary of that.



3. There are still 1,100 undisclosed foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation

When Hillary Clinton took office as Secretary of State in 2008, she promised to disclose all donations to the Clinton Foundation every year. Yet, as of today, over a thousand donors are still kept secret.

That’s one of the many promises that Hillary Clinton broke when she took office. How can she be trusted with another oath if she becomes the President of the United States?

Clinton clearly prefers operating in secrecy for her personal convenience, and she has only proven herself untrustworthy and out-of-touch with voters by continuing to hide from the issues. If the Clinton Foundation’s dubious history is any indication of the kind of president Hillary Clinton will become, voters should certainly think twice when they get to the ballot box.


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