Three things we learned from the first Democratic Debate

The Democrats are out of options

Though there were five candidates on last night’s debate stage, only two, Sanders and Clinton, are polling at reasonable numbers—yet neither displayed any cohesive understanding of the needs of hard-working Americans. From their debate performances, it’s easy to imagine hundreds of Democrats watching the debate last night scratching their heads and thinking “Is this all we’ve got?”

Sadly, it is. Clinton and Sanders make up a huge majority of the current Democratic electorate, yet both are plagued with severe issues regarding their electability in the general election. While Hillary continues to suffer the effects of an ongoing FBI investigation and is currently viewed unfavorably by 50 percent of Americans, only 47 percent of Americans say they would vote for a socialist, a label Bernie Sanders so readily embraces.

Democrats like to pick on the GOP for having such a large field of presidential candidates, but they fail to recognize the positive, empowering effect that such a big selection has on voters. Republicans have the opportunity to elect exactly the candidate they view as best fit to lead our nation, which is an opportunity Democrats are sorely lacking.


The Democrats are out-of-touch

While the debate featured plenty of talk about reining in Wall Street executives and implementing more government regulations, there was disturbingly little conversation that had to do with the average, hard-working Americans who will be electing these candidates. None of the candidates spent much time discussing what their administration would do for small businesses, public education, or encumbering taxes; they instead choose to highlight their massively expensive government programs that place unfair burdens on tax-payers.

Unsurprisingly, the candidate who appeared the most out-of-touch was Hillary Clinton. She struggled to defend her recent flip-flopping on important issues such as trade and immigration and refused (yet again) to assume accountability for her tremendous private email scandal, proving to Americans that she is unwilling to admit her own transgressions. Americans want a president who is open and transparent with what they believe, not someone who hides behind political rhetoric and is willing to say anything to get elected.


America cannot afford another Democrat in the White House

Under President Obama, America experienced its slowest economic recovery in decades. In the past seven years, Democratic leadership has proven not only a domestic failure, but a foreign policy one as well, as evidenced by the Obama administration’s atrocious handling of middle-eastern conflicts and the rise of frightening terrorist groups like ISIS. Even though Americans recognize these problems and are desperately calling for a change in leadership, the Democratic candidates have pledged to go even further left than Obama on the nation’s most pressing issues.

Obama’s presidency was a proven failure. Instead of continuing the President’s broken policies, Republicans aim to replace them with efficient, effective policies that empower and protect the American people while respecting their rights as citizens. In their quest to build up the government’s influence on Americans, Democrats have lost sight of what truly makes our nation succeed: its people.

Another four years of a Democrat president will only lead to another four years of failed policies. But if last night was any indicator, the Democrats may have a tough time convincing Americans to choose between a liar and a socialist. 


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