UPDATE: More trouble for Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton is not having a good week. 

As the ongoing “secret server” saga thickens and poses increasing legal risks for Clinton, voters have taken notice. Here are the three things that do not bode well for Hillary Clinton today:

1. 305 Clinton emails have been flagged as possibly confidential
After weeks of vehement denial by Hillary Clinton that none of the emails on her personal server were confidential, the FBI decided to launch their own probe into the matter, and what they discovered doesn’t exactly mesh with Clinton’s claims: Investigators flagged 305 emails for further examination, indicating the messages may contain important intelligence material that Hillary Clinton refused to turn over to the State Department. If these emails do indeed contain classified information, Hillary Clinton could have a criminal indictment on her hands.

 Reports claim existence of a backup server is “highly likely”
While having just one secret email server to conduct government business on is bad enough, it may turn out that Hillary Clinton actually had two. ABC News reported earlier today that it is “highly likely” that Clinton had all her emails saved on a backup server, which would allow the FBI access to the thousands of emails Hillary originally deleted, spelling potential disaster for her campaign. 

3. Democrats are starting to like Bernie Sanders better
recent poll suggested that only 2% of voters think Hillary Clinton is telling the truth about her email server, and that statistic that was overly apparent at the Iowa State Fair. Not only did Bernie Sanders draw visibly larger crowds than Hillary Clinton, but an informal poll indicated Iowans support Sanders over Clinton 49 percent to 45 percent. Long the front runner for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton’s grasp on her party is slipping rapidly as a result of her distrust with voters.

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