The Truth Behind Hillary's "I'm Sorry"

Earlier this week, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton yielded to public pressure and apologized for her use of a private email server. Unfortunately for Clinton however, a mere apology will not quickly mend the public’s plummeting opinion of her— though it does reveal that Clinton’s campaign is reeling, and Hillary is entering panic mode.

Paradoxically, Clinton’s apology came a day after Hillary refused to issue an apology to the Associated Press.  Hillary’s sudden reversal on the subject highlights that the former First Lady possesses no real remorse on the issue, but instead just seeks to salvage her campaign. 

However transparent Clinton’s apology was, it still doesn’t address the core issues voters are concerned with. Sure, Hillary is ‘sorry’ that scandal is ‘confusing’ for her supporters, but is she ‘sorry’ that she put national security at risk? How about the fact that she routinely lied about the presence of classified emails? These are questions that Clinton is asked every day, but she has yet to provide a succinct response that answers them all completely. ‘Sorry’ just won’t cut it.

Speaking on the Iran deal today, Hillary Clinton claimed her policy as president would be “distrust, but verify”. Apt, considering Hillary knows plenty about distrust. In the wake of her email controversy, voters distrust Hillary Clinton now more than ever, and she’s suffering in the polls because of it.

If Hillary wants to turn her campaign around, she’s going to have to do a lot more than apologize. Though at this point, she could just be beyond saving.

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