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Chairman Evan Power Slams "Flailing" Joe Biden's Attempt to Fool Florida Seniors

Upon hearing the news that Joe Biden's campaign launched "Seniors for Biden" today in Hillsborough County, Chairman Evan Power released the following statement:

"In another desperate attempt to ignite any excitement in his Florida campaign, Joe Biden's team chose Hillsborough County to launch 'Seniors for Biden' this morning. As they are no doubt aware, Hillsborough County is increasingly rejecting the radical Democrat agenda, with the Democrat voter registration lead shrinking from 50,000 to 10,000 in the last 4 years alone!

With age comes wisdom, and Florida's seniors see right through Joe Biden's disastrous record as President. Floridians deserve better than a flailing, desperate shell of a man as Commander-in-Chief and will return President Trump to the White House in November."

Florida GOP Grants State Charter to the Florida Young Republicans

The Florida Young Republicans have worked tirelessly on behalf of the Republican Party of Florida and its candidates to walk doors, make phone calls, and encourage young people to get involved in the Republican Party.  

In order to remove questions about the use of the Republican name and images under Florida law and to strengthen the partnership between the Florida Young Republicans and the Republican Party of Florida, the executive board of the Republican Party of Florida granted the Florida Young Republicans a statewide charter.

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Evan Power said, “The Florida Young Republicans have worked tirelessly to build an organization focused on making a difference in elections and engaging young people to the Republican brand. I am excited that we were able to take this next step in our partnership and look forward to helping provide them with the resources they need to grow and to continue to deliver for our Republican Team!”

Florida Young Republicans Chairman Brandon Ludwig said, "As one of the largest state organizations in the Young Republican National Federation, we are proud to be officially working in lockstep with the best state party in the country. Our more than 1000 members are laser focused on delivering wins up and down the ballot this cycle and for years to come.”

Florida Young Republicans current chapters:

  • Broward County Young Republicans
  • Capital Young Republicans (Leon County)
  • Central Florida Young Republicans (Seminole, Orange, Osceola Counties)
  • Clay County Young Republicans
  • Lake County Young Republicans
  • Manatee County Young Republicans
  • Nassau County Young Republicans
  • Pasco County Young Republicans
  • Pinellas County Young Republicans
  • Palm Beach County Young Republicans 
  • Polk County Young Republicans
  • Sarasota County Young Republicans
  • Space Coast Young Republicans (Brevard County)
  • Tampa Bay Young Republicans (Hillsborough County)
  • Treasure Coast Young Republicans (St. Lucie and Martin Counties)
  • Vero Beach Young Republicans (Indian River County)
  • West Volusia Young Republicans (Volusia County)