New RPOF Ad Spotlights Charlie Crist’s 100% Lockstep Voting Record with Joe Biden’s Destructive Policy Agenda

“Crist would do to Florida what Biden’s done to America”

The Republican Party of Florida today announced a television and digital advertisement spotlighting Charlie Crist’s record of partnering with Joe Biden to impart a destructive policy agenda that is hurting our country. 

Entitled, “87,000,” the ad lays out how Charlie Crist would impose Biden’s destructive policies on Florida.  

This is a significant and sustained statewide tv and digital advertising campaign, and Spanish-language ads will run in the Miami, Tampa, and Orlando media markets.  

Visit for more information about Charlie's dangerous record.  

Click here to watch the English version 

Click here to watch the Spanish version 

Below is the transcript of the ad: 

VO: Charlie Crist thinks Joe Biden is the best president of his lifetime. 

Crist: “Thank God for Joe Biden” 

VO: Crist would do to Florida what Biden’s done to America. 

Crist: “I’m so proud of this administration” 

VO: Crist votes with Biden 100% of the time. 

VO: Crist teamed up with Biden to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to audit the middle class. 

VO: Crist even supported Biden’s agenda to defund the police. 

Crist: “It’s reallocation” 

VO: Don’t let Crist impose Biden’s destructive policies on Florida. 

Crist: “Thank God for Joe Biden”