Chairman Evan Power Slams "Flailing" Joe Biden's Attempt to Fool Florida Seniors

Upon hearing the news that Joe Biden's campaign launched "Seniors for Biden" today in Hillsborough County, Chairman Evan Power released the following statement:

"In another desperate attempt to ignite any excitement in his Florida campaign, Joe Biden's team chose Hillsborough County to launch 'Seniors for Biden' this morning. As they are no doubt aware, Hillsborough County is increasingly rejecting the radical Democrat agenda, with the Democrat voter registration lead shrinking from 50,000 to 10,000 in the last 4 years alone!

With age comes wisdom, and Florida's seniors see right through Joe Biden's disastrous record as President. Floridians deserve better than a flailing, desperate shell of a man as Commander-in-Chief and will return President Trump to the White House in November."